420 Adventure Camp

Half-day programs designed for sailors who are looking to experience more advanced racing eqiupment in a non-competitve setting.  

1 Week, Half Day Sessions – Starting July 6, 2020

Schedule: 9am – 12pm  Monday through Friday

Program Cost: $165 per student


Who should take this course?
This course is for sailors who have completed at least one week of 420 camp or High School session and are between the ages of 12-17.  Participants should have some 420 experience and interest in playing with and learning more advanced sailing skills like hiking, flying a spinnaker, and learning to trapeze.

What will we do?
The course focuses on fun, adventure sailing, and learning advanced sailing techniques in a healthy and exciting format. While this course teaches many techniques necessary for success in racing courses, it is a standalone course and a great followup for excited camp participants without the stress or complexity of racing.

Do we need a boat?
For this program, all boats are provided. Be prepared to be flexible – as we tailor the boat choice/lessons to wind/weather conditions and student skill levels. This course is meant to be an adventure, so do not plan on sailing the same type of boat or doing the same thing every day.

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